Makartt Nail File Zebra Nail Files 100 180 Grit for Acrylic Nails Poly Nail Gel Emery Boards for Nails 10 Nail File Kit Nail Accessories Manicure Tools

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Different Grits Function Differently- Makartt acrylic nail file set is ideal to file and rough up the hard fingernails and toe nails in 100 grit, while 180 grit smoothes up your nail edge with refined shape.
Nail manicure tool set- Know what you’re using! Each nail file of nail file bulk has a custom printed, includes 100/180, 100/100, 240/240 Grit Nail Buffering Files. These nail care tools are suitable for fingernails, toenails, natural nails, acrylic nails and false nails, fit for girls or women who like nail art
Excellent Nail Filing Tools- At perfect size of 7.09 x 1.10 x 0.16 inches, these essential nail filer are great for filing nails before nail treatment & acrylic nails. Easy and effective to use, removes ridges on your nail surface, emory boards and nail files for natural nails, poly nail gel, artificial nails, manicure and pedicure, making your nails more beautiful.
Professional Manicure Tools in Salons and Home- Makartt Emery Boards for nails are great for all your filing needs such as Nails, Hobbies, Crafts. Must have nail accessories in professional salons and diy nail art at home.