Crayola Broad Line Markers, Classic Colors 10 Each (Pack of 2)

Price: $8.49
(as of Sep 06, 2021 15:03:38 UTC – Details)

10 ct. Crayola Classic Broad Line Markers are the classic, long-lasting, durable markers you know from your childhood. They lay down lots of brilliant color, yet don’t bleed through most paper.

Crayola Broad Line Markers have sturdy conical tips that make them ideal for a variety of classroom and group art projects. Great for coloring in large areas, these markers also work well for drawing thin lines or dots.
Broad-line markers lay down plenty of color and won’t smudge or bleed through paper.
Crayola Markers contain recycled plastic resin, which keeps hundreds of tons of plastic out of landfills every year. Bring beauty and color to your world and help keep plastic out of landfills.